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We make sure that Hazardous Waste is handled and disposed of in a professional, safe and legal manner - worldwide.

Hazardous waste is generated globally – but cannot be disposed of safely everywhere. The Transfrontier Shipments team (TFS) makes sure that hazardous waste is analyzed, collected, packed, transported and disposed off in a legal and environmentally friendly manner – no matter where it was generated.



Analyzing and classifying hazardous waste is a complex field, especially when dealing with unknown or mixed substances, abandoned storages or disaster waste. Whether hazardous waste is exported to specialized facilities around the world, recycled or treated locally – a proper analysis and characterization is the right foundation for any follow-up step.
The TFS team provides certified sampling of hazardous waste types that are liquid, solid or pasty onsite and cooperates with accredited laboratories worldwide. Based on national and international standards, TFS performs the hazardous waste characterization as the basis for documentation and technical purposes.


When hazardous waste occurs and no specialized treatment facility is in reach, the transfrontier shipment of hazardous waste under the Basel Convention regulations offer an environmental sound and legal solution to waste producers worldwide.
The team of TFS guides through all steps of the official application procedure to obtain hazardous waste transportation permits worldwide.


To transport hazardous waste and dangerous goods via road, vessel, railway or airfreight, the proper packaging according to IMDG, IATA, RID or ADR guidelines, respectively national regulations have to be ensured.
TFS offers the worldwide supervision of hazardous waste repackaging and container loading. Our teams ensure that the packaging is safe, according to national and international standards, as well as acceptable for transporters and final treatment facilities. For the transportation itself, we cooperate with specialized freight forwarders globally.


The final goal of an international hazardous waste transportation is the safe disposal or recycling in a specialized treatment facility. Hereby, each treatment facility has its own acceptance criteria, documentation requirements and contractual framework conditions.
TFS offers brokerage of fixed contingents of hazardous waste to specialized hazardous waste treatment facilities worldwide and takes care of the fulfillment of all technical, documentary, contractual and financial framework conditions.



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